Features of the Apache:
  • Cable system for BASE /skydive
  • "Zip in rig" system
  • Stream lined bottom skin
  • Air locked inlets front and back
  • Retractable leg wing
  • Sharpened trailing edge
  • Semi rigid shaped leading edge
  • Wider leg stance
  • Durable 10mm YKK Zips
  • Adjustable Inflation
  • Rigid wing tip grippers
  • Full length zips
  • Escape sleeve 2
  • Heavy duty construction
  • High grade materials
  • Custom made to your size
  • "Fast-back" deflector
  • Optional leg zip extenders
  • Optional B.A.S.E. Soles
  • Optional Expansion Zips


Our wingsuits range:
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The Apache is in a class of its own. The Apache is without question the largest and highest performance wingsuit available in terms of glide and speed. But most importantly, the Apache is still a fun and easy to fly wingsuit for experienced wingsuit pilots.

During his work on the Fusion wingsuit project, Tony observed that placing the parachute harness inside the suit improved performance by reducing drag. He immediately made a prototype that could accommodate a normal BASE harness, attached via specially positioned zips in the back panel of the suit. This allows the suit to benefit from the improved aerodynamics of an internal harness system whilst still being able to utilize your normal rig. This system basically combines your normal BASE rig with the wingsuit to create an integrated wingsuit / container system.

Innovative Design:

This new "Zip-in-rig" system allows the bottom skin of the suit to be shaped as a single surface, without being obstructed and distorted by the harness. As a result the arm wings are sewn 100% to the suit (no more zippers!) allowing the size of the wings to be increased and greatly reducing drag on the surface of the suit. This has created a massive “free” performance increase with no compromise in stability or safety.


Despite its increased surface area the Apache is one of the “lightest” suits available in terms of arm resistance, thanks to the suit's incredible pressurization and the lower wing loading that is a result of the increased surface area. With airlocked arm and leg wings, it requires very little effort to hold in a position of best glide and speed. Many Tony Suit pilots feel that because of the high internal wing pressure, a more relaxed body position actually yields higher performance – contrary to many other suits which require much effort to fly at best glide. With the Apache, just relax and give the suit gentle inputs to get where you want to go.


The Apache arm and leg wing profile thickness has been adjusted to increase forward airspeed. This was made possible by an increase in overall surface area and also the “No-Flap” feature inherent in all Tony Suits, another benefit of our airlocked wing technology. Thanks to these new features, the Apache has a faster speed at its maximum glide than any other suit on the market.

The Pilot:

If you are an expert wingsuit pilot looking for the cutting edge in glide performance and speed, then this is the suit for you. There is no other wingsuit available that can match the Apache’s size, glide performance, and ease of use. TonySuits have been the world leader in wingsuit glide performance for 3 years in a row, in skydive competition and in the BASE world. The Apache takes Tony Suit’s legacy to the next level with a design that is years ahead of the competition.

apache features

Cable system for BASE and Skydiving:
The new cable system makes our expert suits even easier to use for BASE & skydiving. For skydiving the main lift webs sit outside the suit giving clean access to the emergency handles. For BASE the MLWs are inside the suit reducing drag.

Semi rigid shaped leading edge:
the arm wing leading edge incorporates semi-rigid foam inserts to improve the air flow over the arm wing and increase performance.

Escape Sleeve 2:
Would you like to be able to reach your toggles without unzipping? With the escape sleeve that is exactly what you can do! There is no need for a release system, thanks to the carefully tailored arm sleeve design you can reach up and immediately grab your risers / toggles after opening. With the release of the Apache suit which utilizes a greater arm sweep angle, the Escape Sleeve has been further refined and updated to allow even easier access to your toggles.

Air locked inlets:
Standard on all TonySuits are our industry leading air locked inlets offering fast and rock solid pressurization.

'Zip in rig' attachment:
TonySuits are now even easier to attach and use thanks to the ingenious zip in rig system.

Variable Pressurization :
Zips installed in the arm and leg wings allow the amount of pressurization to be varied. By opening the zips the amount of pressurization is reduced, useful for dialing in your suit performance to match a flock or to follow students.


for an extra performance boost the fast back option is available - the fast-back is a large full length deflector that inflates on the back of the suit, streamlining the parachute container form to improve the air flow over the back of the suit. The fast-back has also been re-tailored to allow even cleaner PC access.

Extended Leg Zips (optional):
if you have difficulty reaching down to unzip your leg wing then you will find this option useful, the zip pull is extended up the side of the leg making unzipping easier and quicker.


BASE Soles (optional):
the BASE sole option is provided for BASE jumpers who wish to have more grip on the exit point. The BASE soles are heavy duty studded rubber pads that are attached to a double layer cordura bootie, ideal for improving your footing on top of the mountain. The "Stealth rubber" is supplied by 5.10, the famous climbing shoe manufacturer - perfect for the job.



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