Features of the Fusion:
  • Incorporated parachute harness
  • Optimized for performance
  • Ultra low profile canopy envelope
  • Light weight, low volume system
  • Maximized wing surface area
  • Durable 10mm YKK Zips
  • Air locked inlets
  • Retractable leg wing
  • Sharpened trailing edge
  • Semi rigid shaped leading edge
  • Adjustable Inflation
  • Rigid wing tip grippers
  • Full length zips
  • Escape sleeve
  • Heavy duty construction
  • High grade materials
  • Custom made to your size
  • Optional leg zip extenders
  • Optional B.A.S.E. Soles


Our wingsuits range:
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The Fusion incorporated parachute system is the ultimate solution for wingsuit BASE jumpers. The Fusion combines the wingsuit and parachute container to offer an ultra low profile, light weight, high performance glide system.

If you are an experienced wingsuit BASE jumper looking for the future in wingsuit design - then the Fusion is for you.

As suit designs become more refined and with the recent advent of low volume parachutes - the logical next step is the incorporation of the parachute container within the wingsuit itself.

The Fusion is the first combined parachute wingsuit system to be made commercially available, the suit is derived from the existing X-bird design but modified to incorporate a custom harness and parachute tray.

The result is a system that is smaller and lighter to carry to the exit point and in flight offers even more performance. The Fusion offers BASE jumpers unparalleled glide distance and freefall time.

The test jumps have been performed from the airplane (using an additional round reserve) and subsequently BASE jumps from terminal cliffs. Initial results show a significant performance increase. The test jumpers commented the system is amazingly light, giving a feeling of freedom and that it is incredibly smooth in flight (although you may feel like something is missing!)

The production version of the suit will feature an incorporated pilot chute pouch as well as improved top skin shaping.

The suit is in the final stages of testing, price and launch information will be released shortly. For further details please contact Tony.

FUSION features

Semi rigid shaped leading edge:
the arm wing leading edge incorporates semi-rigid foam inserts to improve the air flow over the arm wing and increase performance.

Escape Sleeve 2:
Would you like to be able to reach your toggles without unzipping? With the escape sleeve that is exactly what you can do! There is no need for a release system, thanks to the carefully tailored arm sleeve design you can reach up and immediately grab your risers / toggles after opening. With the release of the Apache suit which utilizes a greater arm sweep angle, the Escape Sleeve has been further refined and updated to allow even easier access to your toggles. Check out the gallery for video of Matt Gerdes demonstrating the Escape sleeve.

Air locked inlets:
Standard on all TonySuits are our industry leading air locked inlets offering fast and rock solid pressurization.

Variable Pressurization :
Zips installed in the arm and leg wings allow the amount of pressurization to be varied. By opening the zips the amount of pressurization is reduced, useful for dialing in your suit performance to match a flock or to follow students.


Extended Leg Zips (optional):
if you have difficulty reaching down to unzip your leg wing then you will find this option useful, the zip pull is extended up the side of the leg making unzipping easier and quicker.


BASE Soles (optional):
the BASE sole option is provided for BASE jumpers who wish to have more grip on the exit point. The BASE soles are heavy duty studded rubber pads that are attached to the normal leather bootie, ideal for improving your footing on top of the mountain. The "Stealth rubber" is supplied by 5.10, the famous climbing shoe manufacturer - perfect for the job.