Our 3 main design objecives are: Safety, Performance and Ease of use.

We are proud to present the Bird range, each suit is packed with features to improve safety, performance and ease of use. The best way to appreciate the thought and effort put into each suit is to see one in the flesh and take it for a test jump - but in the following pages we will explain these features using photos and video. Feel free to contact us regarding our demo suit program.



With a full range of different suits we are sure we have the right suit for you.

At first glance it may seem hard to choose which suit is right for you, the following explanation should help you decide. Similar to selecting a parachute you need to honestly consider your experience, skill level, weight, the frequency you fly as well as the type of flying you do. (NOTE: We enforce a 200 jump minimum to purchase a wingsuit)

The most important criteria is your current experience level with wingsuits. As a starting point we would make the following recommendations:

Wingsuit Jumps Recommended Suit
0 + I-bird beginner wingsuit
5 + T-bird intermediate wingsuit
25 + R-bird advanced wingsuit
50 + S-bird, Scorpion experienced wingsuit
150 + X-bird 1 expert wingsuit
200 + X3 Rebel 2, Jedei, Apache expert wingsuit

You may still find yourself undecided between 2 or more suits, so now consider the other factors.

What kind of flying are you doing? Flocking and fun jumping? Or more solo performance flying?
The T-bird and R-bird and ideal for flocking and all round fun flying. The bigger suits in the range are more focused on performance flying, whilst these suits can be used for flocking and fun jumping they can sometimes be overkill and it can take time to learn how to fly with smaller suits.

"...I'm a heavy pilot and am concerned about having enough range for flocking...."
Heavier pilots may find an advantage selecting a slightly larger suit to provide them with more range when flocking.

"...I don't jump that often so should I go for a bigger suit?.."
The bigger suits do offer more performance but that does not necessarily mean that they will offer you more fun. You need to jump to regularly to access the performance the bigger suits offer and also to react correctly in adverse situations (such as an unstable exit or spin).


All our suits are made from high grade materials and feature heavy duty construction.

The suits are made from hard wearing parapack fabric and constructed like a parachute using heavy-duty stitching and robust 10mm YKK zips - guaranteeing a quality product that will last for hundreds of flights.